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As Nova Illumination, we offer custom products specially designed for all kinds of projects including shopping malls, hotels, cafes, bars, residences and condos. Our custom-made products designed in accordance with the general theme and architecture of the project always create ultimate customer satisfaction. 

During the custom production process; our experienced designers prepare photos and drawings guided by customer demand. Then they create elaborate 3D visuals and finally present the client a sample product (production can be made with a wide range of materials like glass, plexi, acrylic, plastic, aluminum, fabric and metals).

Our special illuminations that distinguish themselves in every aspect from design to production and installation are favorited by a large consumer group both in Turkey and abroad. To transform the imagination of our clients to reality, to present them the illumination that reflects their own light is our most valuable goal. 

Just imagine, we are here to make dreams real with our state of the art production and preeminent team.


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