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Illumination is an integrated approach that includes conditions like safe electrical installation, aesthetic illumination design and the calculation of the right light angles. It can not be identified solely as lighting and needs to be done in accordance with the architectural features of the application area. 

The illumination done in the light of factors like the angle of sunlight reception, general lighting needs, purpose of use and interior architecture of the building as well as the general decoration theme, always ends up with excellence. Nova Illumination guarantees the most aesthetic, healthy, economic and proper illumination with its professional systems designed with elaborate consideration of the above mentioned aspects. 

If you are indecisive about the illumination you want and/or looking for professional answers to your illumination concerns, call us right away. Nova Illumination team is always eager and ready to provide the best service with its profound experience and unique expertise. 


Nova Illumination Consultancy Services

  • Selection of Products Compatible with the Interior Design
  • Determination of Right Illumination Needs
  • Selection of the Right Illumination Source 
  • Enery Cost and Consumption Examination
  • Completion of Application Plans with Professional Drawings 
  • Certified Product Suggestion
  • Identification of Possible Problems with Sample Installations Prior to Application
  • Automated Illumination System Studies
  • Offer Evaluation / Comparision in Terms of Design and Technical Compatibility
  • Visual Effects of Illumination Design Presentations
  • Product Property Table Presentation
  • Special Illumination Design  
  • Energy Efficient Product Briefings 
  • Guiding Consultancy on Cabling and Electricity Systems
  • Prevention of Illumination Pollution 
  • Balast Selection



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