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As Innova Architectural Project, our priority is to fully identify the demands and expectations of our clients in order to maintain unconditional customer satisfaction. It is vital for our professional team to act in harmony with the architectural design of the project and to have a command on even the tiniest detail. Within this purpose, members of our professional team work in cooperation with both Nova architects and interior designers of the project, always adding value with their distinctive ideas and innovative designs.

We identify the illumination needs of the project place with site visits, photo shootings and structural detections. Then the transformation of imagination to reality is solidly presented to the client with professional and elaborate 3D presentations. 

Nova Illumination, the leading company in the sector with its selective references that include prominent shopping malls, entertainment centers, hospitals, condos, villas, culture centers, offices, hotels, plazas, government buildings, sports centers, cafes and restaurants, is expanding its domestic and international client portfolio day by day.

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