Nova Illumination has always been a benchmark for the Turkish Illumination Industry with its superior production, innovative solutions and unparalelled service quality. Honoring Turkey as one of the leading illumination producers in the world and making excellence a standard are the main motivations that shape our operations. 

As Nova Illumination, we do not only follow innovation but we lead it. We design products in accordance with the needs and demands of our clients. Our production is flawless to the tiniest detail. Nova's illumination engineers provide the most appropriate lighting both financially and visually. Determined to always offer the best, highest quality, smart and aesthetic solutions, Nova Illumination has a spotless record with thousands of different models of products it has developed over the years for shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, residences, condos, villas, roads, parks and gardens etc...
In addition to the selected products that carry our own brand, we are proud to introduce Turkey with internationally respected brands and Europe's finest designers including Philips, Artemide, Foscarini, Zonca, Antonangelli, Arizzi, Sylcom, Euroluce, Nemo, Quaatrobi, Axo Light and Sigma Elle. We offer world class products of globally renowned brands to the consumers in our Ankara and İstanbul stores.
Our Mission
As Nova Illumination, our mission is to develop customer oriented, sector leading, fast,
high quality, economic and innovative solutions; to create sustainable positive change
and success; to constantly add the value we create for our clients, partners, employees,
human health and environment with our expertise and innovative vision. 
Our Vision
To carry the sector into the future and become a reference company in the international
arena with our innovative and pioneering attitude. 
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